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segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2012

Electricidade liberalizada cresceu

Electricidade liberalizada cresceu 24% em 2011 mas perdeu clientes domésticos

domingo, 29 de janeiro de 2012

T@ke @ l00k!: Diwali Experiments (26th Oct, '11): I know I'm a bit late to put up diwali pictures....anyways, better late than never! =D The Festival of lights "...Cause...

Gelatina Royal

Gelatina Royal Ingredientes

A gelatina ROYAL tem como ingrediente principal a gelatina,
mas não indica se é de origem vegetal ou animal.

A gelatina Royal engorda ?

sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2012

Ashwani's photoblog

Author: Ashwani Singh
Yes, i have one! Couldn't post over it for sometime. But Daren has given me kick again!! Visit

Wei's photoblog

Author: wei chong
hi, im a photography enthusiast base in Malaysia. a big hello to everyone who loves photography. i like landscapes, streets photography. do check out mine @ :)

Jared's photoblog

Author: Jared Shippy
My photoblog is relatively new, and a good motivator for me to get out and take new pictures.

Emily's photoblog

Author: Emily Renee
Started a blog this year to get myself out and taking pictures every day. It's located on I'm having a lot of fun, and you would make my day if you checked me out :]

ThilliMilli's photoblog

Author: ThilliMilli
For the German guys right between uns:

Lucia's photoblog

Author: Lucian
Author: Mark
I have been running my photoblog since July of 2004.

Stephany's photoblog

Author: Stephany Brown
I am doing a 365 photo project,

Tuomas's Photo Blog

Author: Tuomas Hämäläinen
My blog is its written in finnish for now (my native language) :)*

Pixcells's Photo Blog

Author: Pixcells
My blog is Feel free to leave comment. I am amateur photographer who shoots almost everything of interest.

Bridget's Photo Blog

Author: Bridget Magee
Brand new today!

sexta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2012

Carl's Photo Blog

Author: Carl Schmidt
Yes. Mine is a mix of different things (or will be). I haven't been at it long.

365 moments of life Photo Blog

Author: Egle
Oh, forgot to add a link!

Individual and family portraiture

Author: Aimee
Individual and family portraiture, children, families, seniors, and babies. Website coming soon!

mamayrazzi's Photo Blog

Author: mamayrazzi
Comment: I just started my blog this year;

Kelly's Photo Blog

Author: Kelly Wade

Enjoy my Blog.

Douglas's Photo Blog

Author: Douglas
Yes, I have a photoblog. Is
Is a non-thematic blog. Photos of all.

Learning curve of DSLR Photography!

Author: AhTim
Comment: This is the blog where I share my learning curve of DSLR Photography!

All about the Cape (South Africa) All about the Cape (South Africa)

quinta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2012


Uma das características de quem é FELIZ é confiar nos outros!

terça-feira, 24 de janeiro de 2012

Workshops e Cursos de Vinhos

Caros amigos,

Como prometido aqui vão novas datas para novos cursos de vinhos. Chamem os amigos e inscrevam-se. Vão adorar!!

Hildérico Coutinho

QUO VADIS? Enoteca e Cozinha Mediterrânica
Av. Comendador Ferreira de Matos, 217 - Matosinhos
GPS: N 41º10'47'' W 8º41´01´´
Tel. 224049027
Tlm. 939990359

- - - - - - - - - - - -